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Solution for the Future

CodeLess Solutions was founded in 2020. We are a 100% privately-owned technology company based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Our low-code Codeless Platform helps companies to build enterprise-class applications with amazing simplicity and speed. CodeLess Platform is a unique combination of low-code and traditional code development designed for the fast building of modern business applications with great user experience while giving you full control all the time to benefit from both worlds.

The majority of our employees have more than 15 years of experience in developing large systems like ERP and Banking information systems. From our experience, we realized that all large systems suffer the same problems. Building enterprise-class applications are too hard, there are too few developers, and the business environment and technology change too fast for applications.

We believe that Every Problem has Solution


The technology is changing too fast for large systems to stay up to date. With hundreds, even thousands of forms, a company realizes that every 5 years it has to rewrite almost everything. This is always very expensive and painful. The reality is that the systems are so large that usually companies are not able to rewrite everything in 5 years. Even before everything is finished, it should be done all over again. The most challenging is the UI of applications that changes so dramatically that companies are not able to reuse anything. 

Codeless Platform is our solution to this problem. Simple, productive, modern and as most importantly, UI-independent solution. There is no need to rewrite everything over and over again. You can read about this in main Benefits

Codeless Platform is completely open for our customers. Customers receive the full source code of the platform and tools used in the platform. Codeless Platform is the only low-code platform that offers the source code of all tools used in the platform. 

Dedicated to supporting our customers' success, we offer Long Time Support (10 years) for each major Codeless Platform version.


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